Get an Interview. Get Hired.

Easy, right?

Unfortunately it’s not always a simple task even if you have amazing skills, experience, education, and qualifications. Before you can get in the door for an interview you need a resume that is going to show the employer how qualified you are. If this sounds intimidating, you came to the right place!

linkedinThree reasons you should hire me to write your resume:  

1) I am a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) recognized by the Professional Association of Resume Writers. The designation of CPRW is the most recognized standard for excellence in the resume-writing industry. To earn this designation, I passed a rigorous exam and was required to have considerable experience in the industry.

CPRW-Certified-Professional-Resume-Writer2) I can write a resume that is going to get your foot in the door for an interview. After that it’s up to you, but the resume is the crucial first step. Based on over eight years of experience writing and/or revising resumes for well over 900 individuals I have learned that many people downplay themselves on their resumes. I can help you effectively highlight your accomplishments, education, experience, and skills in a way that speaks to the employer and makes you stand out and will get your resume successfully through online applications/applicant tracking systems.

3) I am one of the most affordable Certified Professional Resume Writers on the market. Most writers charge $100-$300 per resume. I charge $60-130 per resume and $35-40 per cover letter. Other add-on services are also available for affordable prices.

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