I am originally from Wisconsin, and moved to Denver in July of 2012 where I have been working within workforce development programs within non-profit programs and a community college where I help individuals become self-sufficient, gain job readiness skills, and help them achieve their career goals. I have been growing my career in social services, education, and career development for nine years. I have a Masters of Science in Education and a Bachelor of Arts with double majors in Communication and Women’s Studies. Have I been told these degrees don’t lead to good jobs? Yes, of course. Have I gained several jobs and interviews with these degrees listed on my resume? Absolutely! Because of this, my proven theory is that it doesn’t necessarily always matter what your degree or your job title is. It’s really all about how you frame your skills, experience, and education on a successful resume. I am a perfect example of this.

While not writing resumes or at my full time job, I am likely outside running, rollerblading, biking or hiking, spending time with friends or my boyfriend, cooking, volunteering, reading, checking out new breweries, watching mindless television, discovering new interests, or learning more about astrology or personality types.

My Resume Writing Passion/History: 

At the beginning of 2012 I started my own resume-writing business when I discovered that I had been successfully writing resumes for clients at my full time non-profit jobs and for acquaintances, friends, and family for four years. I saw a consistent pattern of my resumes helping people get interviews and often get hired. In my first real job, I had a great mentor who helped me learn this “craft.” Over time it became a talent of mine AND I actually really LOVE writing resumes. It is an odd passion that I am sharing with others so I can help them be successful.