STEP ONE: Send me your resume or other documents.

If you already have a resume AND a job posting for a job you would like to apply to, send it to: and then see STEP TWO.

OR If you don’t have a resume please e-mail me and I will respond with information I need from you. 

STEP TWO: Information about you (OPTIONAL)

Please answer some or all of the following questions. Copy and paste these in to an e-mail and then include your answers. If you don’t do this step it’s okay, but I may ask for additional information from you as I work on your resume.

  1. What are three of your professional strengths as they relate to the qualifications required in the job posting you sent with the resume?
  2.  Experience & Accomplishments: In addition to listing where you worked, your titles, and dates of employment please answer some of these questions if applicable: Did you receive any formal or informal recognition from management or clients? Did you train or supervise other employees? Were you promoted? Did you spearhead any projects or workplace initiatives? Can you quantify your accomplishments; use numbers in percentage (%) or dollar ($) form to show increases in sales, productivity, customer satisfaction, funds raised, etc. OR _#_ clients served, etc. (If you can’t think of it right now it’s okay–you can always add this later)
  3. Technical Skills (if relevant to the job): List your computer or technology skills. For example, what software programs have you used?
  4. Education: If it’s not already included on your resume please provide further information about your academic background. If you are a recent graduate you may want to include coursework, papers/research, and/or projects that may be relevant to an employer.
  5. Professional Development/Training: Have you taken any training programs through current/former employer or other organizations? If so, list them if they are relevant to your career goals.

STEP THREE: Communication and Timeline

I will communicate with you via e-mail throughout the process. I will respond to you in a timely manner as long as you do the same. Therefore, please try to be prompt in your replies for a quick turnaround. Note: If you don’t have an urgent deadline or have a lot of things going on that would prevent you from responding, please communicate that.

When I have complete a first draft I will e-mail it to you as a PDF with an invoice for a down payment due within 24 hours. You will review the resume/cover letter and let me know what you would like to change or add.

TIMELINE: Due to my other jobs, my average turnaround for sending you a first draft is generally 5-7 days from the day I confirm I have received all of your information . If you are not in a rush, please communicate an ideal timeframe (2 weeks, 3 weeks, etc.).

STEP FOUR: Payment

You will be asked to agree to payment terms in our initial e-mails. When the resume and/or other documents are final you will receive a PayPal invoice from me. After payment is completed I will send final Word doc version(s).

Note: If I have not received payment 30 days after you have received the first draft I will send an invoice (based on the pricing scale below) whether or not the resume has been completed

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 8.13.15 AM

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