I have written resumes for almost every job sector or career including but not limited to:

  • Administrative Professionals
  • Academic Advisors
  • Account Management
  • Accounting
  • Architect
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Business Development
  • Childcare Workers
  • Consultants
  • Education Professionals (all levels)
  • Engineers (various areas)
  • Finance (various titles)
  • Food Service (all levels)
  • Graphic Design
  • Healthcare and Healthcare Administration
  • Hospitality
  • Human Resources
  • IT Professionals
  • Management (Restaurant, Office, etc)
  • Marketing and Promotions
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Non-profit Professionals
  • Nursing (RN/CNA/LPN)
  • Peace Corps
  • Research & Development
  • Retail Managers/Workers
  • Sales Executives
  • Social Work/Social Services
  • Teachers (all grade levels)


SALES RESUME SUCCESS“After Rachel helped me revise my resume I received an interview with the nation’s largest mattress retailer for a sales position. Following my interview I was promptly offered the position and am happy I took it! My resume was transformed; a few pointers I got were on format, spacing, headers, necessary and unnecessary verbage, as well as specified order of information based on my field. Rachel offered friendly and constructive suggestions to help improve my resume. Her vast experience in coaching people on the proper resume format and look is imperative to finding a job.” -Randa Stone, Milwaukee, WI

GLOBAL POLICY AND RESEARCH RESUME SUCCESS:“I actually got hired at my dream job doing global health research for a pretty big organization in DC within about a month of Rachel’s help! After I started, I was told there were over 700 applicants for my position, and they chose me partly because in that initial resume/cover letter scanning, mine stood out so much they just “had” to interview me. I really can’t thank Rachel enough for your help! It was so incredible, and I have no doubt I would not have been hired if not for her help, so I’ve been recommending you to anyone who’s in search of a new job. I’ve now been at my new job for just over 3 months now, and it’s been fantastic so far.“-Uma, Washington D.C.

SALES/ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT SUCCESS: “I got hired by Groupon in the Winter of 2010 after I had Rachel work on my resume. Then later I also was able to obtain interviews with both Facebook and Google with that same Resume. The resume just looked much more appealing to me as it just looks cleaner than the one I was working with. Rachel also helped me with some of the wording in my resume as it helped my specifically target my area of expertise. Rachel is very good at what she does.  She has knowledge of many fields and has now helped me be confident sending my resume to anyone!” -Charles Gainey, Chicago, IL

SOCIAL SERVICES RESUME SUCCESS: “I had Rachel take a look at my resume several months ago.  I was applying for a job at an organization I had applied to a few other times before with no “call backs.”  This transformed resume was easier to read and was a more cohesive view of my diverse experience.  I had worked in several fields and Rachel pulled out all of the relevant skills that applied to this specific job.  I am happy to report I got a call back for an interview and GOT THE JOB! As a past HR manager I have definitely seen some awful resumes.  In this job market, everyone needs more than just a copy and pasted resume from Google. Rachel’s resume customization is priceless.” -Leah Kelly, Los Angeles, CA

PROJECT MANAGEMENT RESUME SUCCESS: “I got an interview and the job with the resume Rachel wrote for me. Actually I got three call backs right away and I now work for a medical software company where I work in Implementation and Project management. I have been here for over six months. It was great how Rachel was able to put so much of my information on one page without making it look cluttered as well as filtering out the information that was not needed. I had created so many other versions before the one Rachel made and it was really helpful to have someone filter through everything. Sometimes a second pair of eyes can make all the difference especially when they are experienced eyes.This is the type of company that would not have invited me in for an interview if there was even the slightest mistake or issue with my resume. I am happy and thankful to be a success story! Thanks again to Rachel for excellent work and quick turnaround.” -Gregg Goldberg, Madison, WI

TECHNOLOGY- OPERATIONS ANALYST RESUME SUCCESS:“I got an interview and was hired as a Technology-Operations Analyst for America’s largest financial planning company and it’s all because of Rachel’s assistance with my resume! Rachel was able to get more information on a single page, and it didn’t look too busy. Also, it was very helpful that she incorporated information in the resume from the job description I was applying for. I heard that I had an impressive resume, could mean the look and my experience.” -Aaron Olson, Minneapolis, MN

SALES AND MARKETING RESUME SUCCESS: “I had three interviews with the new resume Rachel created for me. I ended up getting offered two out of the three job opportunities but turned them down due to not being the right fit. Rachel’s ability to take my prior skills and experience and reformat the information amazed me. I found that in my old resume I wasn’t giving myself enough credit for my previous experience and accomplishments. I don’t find it ironic that after Rachel assisted me with my new resume layout I started hearing back from potential employers. I also received positive feedback from a well respected business man in the Milwaukee aree, who said: ‘Out of every ten resumes I look at it, two of them are worth looking at. This is one of those two.’” -Michael, Milwaukee, WI

EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT (REAL ESTATE) RESUME SUCCESS: “I did get a job after Rachel overhauled my resume! It is an administrative job in the real estate industry. And I love it! I believe it’s a perfect fit. I was simply amazed at the resume Rachel sent back to me- she made me sound GREAT! I know that I had some skills to work with, and some experience as well but I was clueless about how to present myself. Rachel reworked my info by not only rearranging and re- categorizing, but most important of all, rewording the details. Describing one’s self borders on the ridiculous, at least in my case. Rachel made me sound credible, worthy; she has a gift for discovering meaningful skills and knows how to describe them in a professional manner. Had my organizational skills, time management skills, and multi-tasking skills not been presented, I doubt whether or not my employer would have given my resume a second glance. None of these were sufficiently stated on my own version of a resume. I am deeply grateful to Rachel for that.” -Carry Post, Milwaukee, WI

CONSULTANT/TRAINING COORDINATOR FOR MENTAL HEALTH/THERAPY TRAINING SERVICES RESUME: “I got a job after Rachel’s help with the resume. I think what was most helpful was how Rachel cleaned up my previous resumes’ formatting and adding in the “core professional competencies.” That section was probably the most helpful since organizations these days get hit with so many resumes that you want your top skills to stand out so they want to read more.” -Ashley Bowers, Milwaukee, WI

SOCIAL SERVICES RESUME SUCCESS: “I received multiple calls for interviews using the revamped resume. When applying with the resume Rachel completed for me I was able to be very selective with what jobs I applied to and what interviews I wanted to accept. In the end, I was able to choose between job offers. With my previous resume I had to cast a huge net and really apply to a wide array of positions to get anything and I was unsuccessful with my search. I actually applied to the some of the same jobs with my new resume as I had applied to with with my old resume and I received interviews (and a job offer) with the new resume! for the same position! I left teaching special education to go into social services/case management. Not only did the resume get attention (60% of the jobs I applied to called me back for either phone interviews or in person interviews), but it helped me identify my own strengths. This was beneficial as I was entering a new field. I was able to take my strengths and apply them to the position I was interested in. During one interview the interviewee actually stated the resume was impressive. In another interview I was asked a strength and I responded with my organizational abilitiies The interviewee stated they could confirm this by looking at my resume. Rachel was incredibly easy to work with and very responsive. The resume I received exceeded my expectations. “-Anonymous per client’s request