SOCIAL SERVICES RESUME SUCCESS: “I had Rachel take a look at my resume several months ago.  I was applying for a job at an organization I had applied to a few other times before with no “call backs.”  This transformed resume was easier to read and was a more cohesive view of my diverse experience.  I had worked in several fields and Rachel pulled out all of the relevant skills that applied to this specific job.  I am happy to report I got a call back for an interview and GOT THE JOB! As a past HR manager I have definitely seen some awful resumes.  In this job market, everyone needs more than just a copy and pasted resume from Google.  Rachel’s resume customization is priceless.”  
-Leah Kelly, Milwaukee, WI

SALES RESUME SUCCESS: “After Rachel helped me revise my resume I received an interview with the nation’s largest mattress retailer for a sales position. Following my interview I was promptly offered the position and am happy I took it! My resume was transformed; a few pointers I got were on format, spacing, headers, necessary and unnecessary verbiage, as well as specified order of information based on my field. Rachel offered friendly and constructive suggestions to help improve my resume. Her vast experience in coaching people on the proper resume format and look is imperative to finding a job.” -Randa Stone, Milwaukee, WI

SALES/ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT SUCCESS: “I got hired by Groupon in the Winter of 2010 after I had Rachel work on my Resume.  Then later I also was able to obtain interviews with both Facebook and Google with that same Resume. The resume just looked much more appealing to me as it just looks cleaner than the one I was working with.  Rachel also helped me with some of the wording in my resume as it helped my specifically target my area of expertise. Rachel is very good at what she does.  She has knowledge of many fields and has now helped me be confident sending my resume to anyone!” -Charles Gainey, Chicago, IL

NON-PROFIT/ADMINISTRATIVE RESUME SUCCESS: ” The previous resumes I have been using were good, just not as full of useful information that the one Rachel created for me was. Rachel had a special way of highlighting all my areas of talent, and experience in a way that I never thought to before. Rachel really did fill the entire paper up with information about me. I think it was because of that reason that I was able to get a call back because I really had no previous experience for the job I currently have other than my 3 month internship, but the company was looking for 2 years or more!” -Andrea Nelson, Waukesha, WI