Get an Interview. Get Hired.

Easy, right?

Unfortunately it’s not always a simple task even if you have amazing experience, education, and qualifications. Before you can get in the door for an interview you need something that is going to show them who you are. However, to do that you must figure out how to display your greatness using only one to three pieces of paper (resume and cover letter). EEK. Here is where I can help!

What I have to offer: I can write a resume that is going to get you in the door. After that, well, it’s up to you, but the resume is the crucial first step. Based on my past four years’ experience writing and/or revising resumes for well over 100 people I have learned that not many people give themselves enough credit on their resumes. They don’t often don’t know how to “brag” about their accomplishments, education, experience, and great skills in a concise, “sell-able” way. Makes sense. How many people learn this stuff in school? Very few. Anyway, you might be this person OR you may just want a second opinion on your current resume that might not be getting calls back. Needless to say, you came to the right place!

What this site will show you: This site isn’t anything fancy. It has a listing of the several careers and job sectors I have experience writing resumes for along with “testimonials” from some of the people who I have helped get interviews and jobs. Finally it has information on how you and I can get started so I can get you an amazing resume for a very small cost.

Click on the ABOUT tab or START HERE tab (which will show up when you scroll over ABOUT tab) above for more information and most importantly follow the steps on how to get a resume that I guarantee will get results!